Sky Solar Energy

It takes two flints to make a fire.

Our Team

Alone we are pretty good, but together we are a new level of AWESOME!

We’ve walked in your shoes, experiencing the frustration of searching for a secure and reliable place in good condition to store our own aircraft. This firsthand experience has driven us to develop a privately funded solution that not only meets your needs but also avoids the delays traditionally involved in obtaining hangar space at your airport.  We also want to do all we can to support general aviation by improving airports.

Awesome people behind us.

With nealy a quarter century of experience our team can spec, design, manage and implement all aspects of Airport Modernization.

Brian King


Jason Warren


Michael Lynch

Project Manager

Daniel Bergrin

GenerAL Council

Darin Hadinger

Renewable tech SME

Join Our EFFORt

Join us in our quest to make a positive impact on the Aviation Industry, our Community and our Nation

We will transform class C and D airports to embrace the future of aviation through the advancement of General Aviation, Power Resiliency (Solar) and Electric Vehicles.