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Looking for a Hangar for one of your most prized possessions? Browse our Airfield Assets Storage Wait listings now!

We are compiling a common wait list for Ohio’s class C&D airports to meet the demand. We will monitor the demand for storage at key airports so we can plan investments to help the airports thrive.

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Hangar Space

We have information on current and proposed Hangar Space. From Light Jets to Ultra Lites we have the space to support your most charished asset.

Renewable Power

All of our facilities are supplemented with renewable energy. Supporting the Hangar space, FBO or entire airport our renewable enegy solutions add resiliency to the Grid.

Vehicle Charging

As we usher in a new dawn with the use of electric powered aviation, our facilities are positions to support the incoming infrastructure.

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Bridge for Technology, Aviation and Industrial Development.

  • Distributed network of microgrids for community grid resiliency, electric aviation infrastructure and asset storage.
  • Work with County and Municipal airports to modernize them.
  • Propel local economy by introducing innovation and attracting financial investments.
  • Stable long term investment packages

Hangar Management

OU Chillicothe

Gordon K. Bush Airport

This Uniiversities Aviation location is prime to utilize renewable energy to facilitate power to the Airport and FBO.


Trenneff Field VTA

Serving the Cities of both Newark and Heath, Treneff file is a staple for Light Jets, Training and General Aviation

Delaware Municipal Airport

Del-Muni DLZ

Serving both the city and county of the same name, Del-Muni has been a staple for many generations.

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Featured Companies

Partnerships with Ohio’s finest IT Companies support the effort.

Join our effort to Modernize General Aviation

Only 8 percent of hangars were described as in “excellent” condition, while 36 percent were described as in need of “some” or “major” repair.

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Hangar Space

What pilots say about it...


Developing Airports of the future, Microgrids, Skyports and Vertiports

By Real Pilots

71 percent of the airports surveyed have a waiting list for their hangars, and at those airports with a waiting list

Airport Modernization

Preparing todays General Aviation hubs for tomorrow's aviation demand. Electric Aviation is on the horizon and we will help you be prepared for it.

Power Resiliency

As new demands are delivered upon our power grid we have supplemented power provision with supplemental power generation, for both stationary usage and mobile vehicle charging.

With appropriate analysis on regional demand and usage we have the ability to impact an entire industry by creating quality and consistency in service provided to general aviation. By focusing on Class C (Charlie) and D (Delta) we have the ability to acquire revenues in the millions per airport while providing low barrier employment opportunities. We will require a deposit to hold a location/hangar, and after a deposit hold for at least 30% of intended hanger build, we will assess delivery and development based on demand. 

Common Questions

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