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Our Value

Development company work with effectiveness.

Our projects include local communities, businesses and governments to engage social solutions to technology, economic improvements and social inclusion.

Additional Supportive elements

  • Sustainable Jobs to the immediate region
  • Expansion of the business impact of the area (Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping)
  • Propels the Airport as a leader in Aviation future tech
  • Increases the taxbase
  • Provide an uninterrupted and resilient power solution/backup
  • Entry into tomorrows aviation technology which keeps Ohio as the Aviation innovator.
Our Vision

To develop technology and processes to usher in tomorrow's solutions for aviation.

Our Mission

By using current technology to providing multi tiered solutions we will support the modernization of rural America

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Commercial Realestate has always been a reliable investment in the past however following recent event and trends, COVID and Teleworking has ushered in a new paradigm of commercial use.  Storage has also been an integral part in Realestate investments. An area where both intersect is the General Aviation Hangar market. Typically the average cost of a personal aircraft is approx. $250k, while this investment is significant many insurance agencies require hangar protection for your asset.

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