Sky Solar Energy

Airport Owners and Operators

Rethinking How, When and the Way we use Energy

Our Mission:

Forging the future of transportation through the development and modernization of General Aviation, Energy Resiliency, and Logistics.

Our focus/Goal:

We develop renewable microgrids at rural, county, and small local airports. Our microgrids provide power, energy storage, hangar space, and integration into the electric transportation network. We enable the airport to integrate into e-aviation logistics networks. We do this using privately funded projects to modernize the airports and secure the future of general aviation, reverse the trend of small airport decline, and integrate these airports into the local and national grid.

Why it’s needed:

Across the nation, there is an average of a 4-year wait before aircraft owners can lease a hangar.


“As the aviation economic structure transitions from avgas taxes to power fees there needs to be a focus on ensuring the operating costs are covered.”


We are preparing the infrastructure to ensure short-range electric aviation flight is supported. The electric aviation market will start with short-range and regional logistics flights, training flights, and executive short-hop users. However, the needed grid infrastructure as it is today cannot handle the demand. The airports lack the high-power infrastructure to charge aircraft. We gain guidance on this from NREL, the DOE, and NASA.

"Our Commitment to Your Success: Thriving Airports, Empowered Communities"

At Sky Solar Energy, we share a common goal with airport managers and owners: your success. We understand the pivotal role airports play in serving your community and advancing the aviation industry. That's why we are here to collaborate with you, ensuring that our partnership is a win for everyone involved.

Sky Solar Energy’s will support, modernize, and transform general aviation airports across America and their communities through the implementation of quality infrastructure, sustainable energy technologies, and advanced airport systems and technology.  

We will ensure the operational and financial excellence of the airports by being a partner in their success through embracing open and honest business practices, leveraging our technology and business resources to upgrade the airport’s infrastructure while joining in business development efforts for the airport.

Our Approach:

  • We identify small airports that are in need of hangar space and/or are interested in enabling power resiliency or electric aircraft on their airports.


  • After determining the expected hangar capacity of the airport we assess lease or long-term ownership demand prior to development.


  • We determine any additional electrical demand (EV charging, neighboring users).


  • All Entry level, Luxury and Long-term agreements with the aircraft owners are made.


  • We Manage the leasing, construction, selling operation, and maintenance.


  • For the grounds of the airport we consult and facilitate the modernization of the airport and its systems through strong partnerships and technology development.