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Todays's most innovative RealEstate investment Opportunity

Commercial Realestate has always been a reliable investment in the past however following recent event and trends, COVID and Teleworking has ushered in a new paradigm of commercial use. Storage has also been an integral part in Realestate investments. 

An area where both intersect is the General Aviation Hangar market. Typically the average cost of a personal aircraft is approx. $250k, while this investment is significant many insurance agencies require hangar protection for your asset.

What challenge are we solving?

Current Issues with Hangar Protection, Power Resiliency and the General Aviation Industry

MultiUse SkyPort Property

Viable Solutions for Aviation Today and Aviation Tomorrow!

Our Solution Addresses

  • Power Grid Stability: Fear of power outage from traditional grids and unable to support emergence of electric aviation.
  • Aircraft Hangars and Asset Storage: Many of these airports need new hangars for their waitlist and also for the increase in electric aviation.
  • SkyPort Innovation: Due to their remote locations, these airports fall behind on implementing innovative technologies and not utilizing their airport to its full potential.
  • Sustainable Employment: Providing long term jobs in the rural community that do not require college education. Certifications and Union Training will empower those in less populated areas and provide sustainable outcomes to typically economically stressed communities.
...some of our nation's General Aviation airports with a waiting list, 72% of aircraft owners waited from six months to more than five years...

By implementing solar panels on a County’s Class C & D airports throughout the state, we can create an infrastructure that electric vehicles can utilize.  This addresses range anxiety of a product’s distance.

Partner with us for Tomorrow's Aviation!

We will ensure the operational and financial excellence of the airports by being a partner in their success through embracing open and honest business practices, leveraging our technology and business resources to upgrade the airport’s infrastructure while joining in business development efforts for the airport.

Our next adventure will begin SOON

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Executing our 90 Day build cycle!

T-Hangar Build
Renewable Energy
Airport Engagement
Electric Vehicle Charging

Project Highlights

  • Attached is the design for rooftop solar on an existing airplane hangar.
  • This gives the max design for installing solar panels on the roof.
  • Approximate cost, depending on pricing of material and installation.
  • This is only a design that shows the potential power that can be produced from a solar panel system.
  • System will be prepped for eVTOL, Drones and ESVE charging.
  • Installation time is approximately 90 days per hangar row

With appropriate analysis on regional demand and usage we have the ability to impact an entire industry by creating quality and consistency in service provided to general aviation. By focusing on Class C (Charlie) and D (Delta) we have the ability to acquire revenues in the millions per airport while providing low barrier employment opportunities. We will require a deposit to hold a location/hangar, and after a deposit hold for at least 30% of intended hanger build, we will assess delivery and development based on demand.